Friday, March 12, 2010

If only....

I am sad.. Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of my due date.. Due dates, no big deal right? I mean how many babies are actually born on their due date? And as if mine would have been.. I always 'knew' they would be early. Being a twin pregnancy and with my heart condition the signs were there. I didn't anticipate how early though.. Anyway point is if Taite and Seth had been born 'on time' (On time meaning from 36wks on) My life would be very different. My children would be 12 months old, maybe walking, babbling, I would most likely be very busy and stressed, but I would be a lot happier. I would have the reward of watching my beautiful babies grow. I would be nurturing them, giving and recieving unconditional love. How different my life would be now if only my babies had been born 'on time'.

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  1. I wish you were running around after 2 rowdy one year old boys. I was surprised how emotional I was on the girls EDD anniversary - like you didnt think it was such an important date... but I was a complete mess.


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