Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday my beautiful son's...

The anticipation of another birthday without my firstborns sucked, but as usual the lead up was worse than the day. The night before I felt good and in the morning I felt good. Waking up to Jett is just divine and makes me feel so lucky.

So tonight I have friends coming from NSW and our place was a pigsty so I dropped Jett at Mum's so we could clean in peace. Then I gathered Taite & Seth's urn, their puppies and some candles and Mum, Nae Jett and I went to the chapel.

It was even more beautiful than I remember. .. I had felt fine all morning but started to feel sick on the drive there. When we got there my breath was taken away. All the emotion but also beauty.

We took some pics by the lake then the woman arrived to show us through. Krista was lovely and said I could just call her whenever I wanted to come through again.

Mum and I both had tears but it was so nice. We got some really nice pics. After that we had lunch at the golf club.

That night, I lit their candles and we had a cupcake. Jett sang Happy Birthday it was the cutest thing everrrr!

Such a beautiful peaceful day, and we have found our new tradition.

♥Happy 5th birthday My Precious Sons, I can't believe how fast time has gone. Always loved, Never forgotten.

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