Thursday, May 19, 2011

I wondered when I would be writing this post!

I have no idea who reads this blog but I do know if you have just lost a baby this will be a difficult post to read.. I'm writing about subsequent pregnancy, but I'm hoping this will be the only time I write about it on here. If I ever do write about it, I will put a warning. So here it is. If it's too painful to read about subsequent pregnancy do not read on..............................................

Well, I was wondering if I would ever get to write this post. Taite and Seth are going to be big brothers. Jacob will be a big brother for the 2nd time. I'm 6wks pregnant. We had an U/S yesterday and there is 1 little tiny bub with a flickering heart. Absolute relief.. This is my 3rd pregnancy. 1st one was about 10yrs ago and ended in early M/C, 2nd pregnancy was with Taite and Seth, so now I'm hoping 3rd time lucky. I'm hoping and praying with everything I have I get to bring this baby home..

Finding out about this baby has brought so many emotions. 1st of course excitement! I am so happy to be pregnant again. It also bring worry because, I haven't brought a baby home before. So many things could go wrong. One thing I have on my side is that there is only 1 baby! My chances of carrying further are higher. Another thing is I will be having regular cervical measurements from 12wks. If I need a stitch it will be placed, hopefully earlier than 19wks. I have made an appointment with my cardiologist and had a referral sent to RWHB. They called me to confirm some details and said they would arrange an appointment ASAP. That was a week ago and I still haven't heard anything. I'm trying not to stress but it's hard. Anyway, I have started a pregnancy journal that I may make into a blog later. I didn't want Taite and Seth's space taken up by the new baby. (Who I refer to as 'Button'). I will still blog about my Forever babies. I miss them so much and wish they were here to look after this bub. They will just have to watch over from above. Love you Taite and Seth. Forever in Mummy's heart xxxxxx

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