Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday my gorgeous boys!!!

Wow! 3 years have passed since my firstborn sons were brought into this world. Sometimes it feels like forever, other times like yesterday.

We had a nice day today. Debbie and Jeff from Bonnie babes came up and brought us balloons to release, and make beautiful cupcakes :) Mum, Deb, Jeff and I went to Newfarm park. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. We sat down first and had a cuppa and chat then let the balloons go. The balloons always stay together. I like to imagine them playing with their balloons with their many angel friends. I put on my FB status that although I try to imagine my babes as the 3 year olds they would be, they are still my newborn babies that I held in my arms. I wish so much they were still here. I think about them every day. Sometimes I remember their journey so clearly, other times, I think it's too painful to let my mind think about. Their birthday though is always a celebration. It's a happy day for me, the day they were born. I'm so proud Taite and Seth chose me to be their Mama. They brought so much to my life. They made me a Mother.

I love you Taite and Seth, I miss you so much.


  1. Happy to know about this birthday celebrations. I had blessed with baby boy last year and is going to host his first birthday party at one of Seattle venues in next week. Planning to have toy themed birthday party. It will be really unique and best idea for the day. Will make it exciting for all kids.


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