Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthdays and Balloons..

What a week we've had and my boys have sure been missed. This week the twins little brother turned 1. I planned a party with excitement but also with a hint of sadness. This should not have been the first party I planned..

The theme for Baby Button's party was jay Jay the Jet Plane. We had a helium balloon and today I suggested we should let it go so Taite and Seth can play with it.. Baby Button gave a great big smile :)

Watching Baby Button grow has been truley amazing. I often wonder what Taite and Seth would look like. Would they be challenging feeders like their brother? Would they sleep, how would they interact?

I miss Taite and Seth so much. I can't believe it's coming up to their 4th birthday! I am planning a balloon release, hopefully Mum will be here for it too :)

Not a day goes by where Taite and Seth aren't thought of.. I often picture them hovering above, perfect angels, sprinkling angel dust that symbolises love and protection..

Love you my Sons xxx

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  1. I came to your blog a few weeks ago through the gold coast attachment parenting fb page... and at first, I have to say, I didn't want to see it... too sad, I thought, I didn't want to read about it. But, then I thought, wait a minute, this is this woman's life every day of her life! So, I decided to read the story... sobbing the whole way. I've been thinking about it since, and just wanted to say that it reminds me to be so grateful for what is given to us and for what we have right now. Everything at any moment can be taken away. The same thing that brings us joy can also bring us pain. Every time I hear my two girls (2months and 2 years), wake up crying for a nap, I can just be grateful that they're crying... every time I feel like I'm too tired to deal with something, I can be grateful that they're healthy. Your story is an inspiration for others to embrace what they have. I can imagine that you are an incredibly strong woman and I would love to meet you one day. Your boys are so sweet, I miss them and I never even laid eyes on them. Thank you for sharing your story.


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