Thursday, July 15, 2010

I miss my babies

Today a friend of mine was speaking about when her daughter was a baby.. She spoke about breast feeding. That is 1 thing I really wish I got to experience with my babies.. I mean, I am greatful that I got to hold my babies alive, change their nappies. I got to bath them, (even though they had died by then)and they did have my milk but it was through a tube.. :( For months after they died I dreamt about breastfeeding them.. I just wish I got the chance.. Then thinking about missing out on that makes me think of the other things I have and will miss out on for the rest of my life.. Their smiles, crawling, walking, talking, their CUDDLES!!! I just miss them and wish they were here. I love you Taite and Seth, Mummy misses you EVERY DAY!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I hear you on that one - the thing that hits me the hardest is the fact I haven't experienced that - the closest I got was pumping and tipping my milk down the sink (I then graduated to tipping it on the garden)

    Lots of love sweets *hugs*

    PS - do you still want me to make a blinkie or two for you? Let me know what you'd like on FB and I'll see what I can do :)


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