Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainbows :)

Last week I got back from an interstate trip. I took Jett to see family in the toen I grew up in.. It was a long time coming.. Ever since Taite and Seth died, I felt a heavy heart when travelling, as I always thought how they should be with me. So this trip was bittersweet...

As we were driving to the airport there was the most beautiful rainbow. My boys were with me. All of them. At the airport Jett and I looked out the window and I just knew that Taite and Seth were saying "It's ok Mummy, we're here"

On the way back We had a window seat on the plane. Sure enough, just before take off I saw another rainbow. I watched as another plane took off towards it. My boys were there with me again...

Rainbows had never really been significant before. In the baby loss world surviving babies born after the death of a baby are often called 'Rainbow babies' Sure enough, the weekend Jett was conceived, I was standing out on the balcony and viewed a small rainbow streaking through the dark clouds.. I hoped that was a sign, and low and behold it was. Ever since then, rainbows have become a sign of my boys.

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