Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where you used to live..

Dear Taite and Seth, I thought about you lots today, as I stood outside room 4. Room 4 is where you spent majority of the time you were Earthside. I miss you so much, I wish so much I got to walk you out of that hospital, instead of leaving your dead bodies in the morgue for some funeral director to collect. I think of you as little babies still, but you wouldn't be. You two would be 3 and a half.. I would love to be able to see you as the adorable little boys you would have been. I miss you. I miss what could have been, I miss being able to watch you grow.. What should have been.. I hope wherever you both are, you're having loads of fun. Keep playing up there boys, I love you so much.. Missing you always my Angels.. Love Mama xxx

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