Thursday, November 26, 2009

Internet stalking again..

This is why I enrolled into my aged care course.. So I wouldn't be still sitting in my PJ's at nearly midday.. Yep, I have spent almost all morning on the internet (apart from a few minutes when I had a boiled egg for brekky).. I found this website . I am surprised I had never come across it before.. Anyway it is a forum for parents who obviously have forever babies.. So I have been stalking that forum for a while and I found some really good poems that I hadn't read before. If you would like to read them I have added them to my other website If you have been on this blog before you would have noticed I have made some changes, added some photos etc.. It really really breaks my heart that I have been a Mummy for a year, but still only have the same photos to add.. I am feeling really ripped off right now. :(

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  1. It also makes me sad that I can never add to the photos of my girls. I think we all need to have PJ days every now and then - you deserve it. The new look is great.


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