Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give me a break PLEASE!!!!!

The room I am 'living' in is tiny. My cat wont settle and I'm terrified he will run away. They have a little dog I though my cat would be ok with, but it's not so.. Today I couldn't go to TAFE cos I was worried a flat mate would accidentally let my cat out and I know he will run away cos he is soo stressed. I have been vomiting all day, I am so stressed. I know I have done the right thing leaving, but I truly HATE this place. I need to move again I hate that my cat is so stressed. It's making me stressed. I know he is only a cat but he is my 8y/o baby. I have had him since 8wks old.. I can't lose my children, my relatioship and my cat! I feel like he is all I have at the moment. I am so upset, stressed and physically ill. And my poor cat will have to be locked in a tiny room all day while I go to class tomorrow. If he was comfy here he would be fine outside, I just know how much he hates it cos he got out this morning and went down a drain I managed to coax him out thank god (In my PJ's at 5am!) But yeah, I am so stressed and so scared I'm going to lose my cat who is all I've got this is so HARD!! I just wanna scream at whoever is in charge of this life, or destiny or whatever "I've had my fucking karma, can't 1 little think be easy for me!"

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