Sunday, May 30, 2010

The conversations to be had....

I have had 2 conversations in the last couple of nights that have made me really think..
Convo 1:
I was at a friends house and she was having a 'make up work shop' She had 3 other ladies there who I had never met.. Fast forward to 1 of them leaving and the host (my friend) walks her out..

Meanwhile I am at the table with 2 other women who know each other.. Convo between them is all about schooling etc then suddenly 1 turns to me and says "What school do your kids go to?" I thought, Fuck am I really old enough to have school kids? Oh shit of course I am!! Then replied the horrid "I don't have kids..." Then quickly went on to say "I did, I had twins, but they were born premmie and only survived for 12 days....... bla bla bla.." Well one of the women turned away horrified and started a new convo with the hosts hubby, but the other lady spoke about it. Asked how I felt talking about them, then looked at pics on my phone etc.. It was nice.. The thing that really struck me was that lady 1 who turned away, didn't have a clue about my babies (and probably never will) but the other lady, not only asked 1st how I felt about speaking about them, but then was happy to speak about them with me.. She had the honour of seeing their pics and knew it was an honour. She thanked me for sharing my story.. Which was nice..

Anyway Convo 2:
A friend I have known for 17yrs called me and I was speaking about my nursing course and she said : "You know, I never thought you would do this" I asked her why, thinking it was due to my total laziness or lack of motivation but her response was : "I thought you would be a Mummy and thats what I thought you would be, for at least the next 10 yrs" And again that slap hit me and I thought yeah, I did too :( But I'm not. I am a nursing student working towards being a Mummy.. And that will have to do for now.. :(

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  1. Even though your bubs are not here on earth, you will ALWAYS be their Mummy.


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