Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ok take 3........

Well I moved again today.. I am so over fucking moving! THIS time, I hope it's the right place! I have been so up and down emotionally. I can't stand being unsettled! I hate it! I have exams exams exam.. Yuk.. I had exams the other day and I am pretty sure I failed one of my exams.. There is always the resit, but with everything that has been going on it has been so damn hard to focus and study :(... Anyway, time to focus on exams and try to accept that life throws shit at you and if it hits you and knocks you down you just have to get back up!! So, hopefully, things might go my way! I moved most of my stuff today and am spending my 1st night in my new house.. Taite and Seth are set up on my TV cabinet, so they have their space! (Always 1st priority) and I am just playing on the computer in between unpacking.. Also off subject but I wanted to thank my gorgeous friend KATHI from for the beautiful quilting block she made for me.. I can't wait to get it! :)

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  1. BAL - hope the new digs prove to be the ones and I hope it works out. Now, stop procrastinating on the computer and get back to study! Good luck with those exams. Dory


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