Monday, May 31, 2010

I want a living baby!

One of the hardest things about my relationship ending is knowing for a fact I have no chance of being pregnant. I want to be a Mum to a living baby so much. I know I'm young, my time will come blah blah blah but I want it now.. I should be a mum to 2 beautiful boys, running around, causing mischief. I wish I wasn't maternal at all.. I really wish the desire would just go away. Sometimes it's bearable, other times the desire is so overwhelming and it is so hard to be patient. Another year til I have finished my nursing and until I'm 30, but I hope by then I will have some sort of plan in place and be closer to my dream of being a mum again..

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  1. BAL - how you going sweets? Hope those exams went well and you are having a good day today.

    Love as always. Dory.


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