Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's like a pimple being popped..

I remember the day after my first Bonnie Babes support meeting I got a phone call from Deb (who runs it) to see how I was.. She explained that coming to a meeting and speaking about the bubs can sometimes feel like a pimple being popped.. You have all this build up underneath the surface, then it is released and although it is crucial to the healing, it is sometimes a bit raw after... I found this analogy very useful and I guess it can explain why I feel so blah today.. (That and cos I have AF and Xmas is in a few days) Yesterday I met up with Kathi, from http://butterfliesandkittens.blogspot.com/ . Her story is similar to mine.. We both had twins at similar gestation, they both lived for similar amount of time and it happened within a couple of weeks as one another.. Anyway, we had been e mailing for a while and yesterday we met IRL.. It was great to finally meet her (Hi Kathi, if you read this) and we talked for ages. Later last night I felt really emotional and I realised that I hadn't really spoken that in depth about the twins for a long time.. (Everyone had already heard it all before lol) We spoke about labour, delivery and the past year without our babies.. So I think today I am feeling a bit raw. Like the pimple has been popped.... I do have to add though this is in no way a negative thing. I think it is crucial to my healing and I really enjoyed talking about Taite and Seth with someone who really could understand what I was on about.. Thank You Kathi and I would like to catch up again sometime :)

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