Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Probably my last post for 2009..

Well Christmas came and went.. Jade and I spoke about the twins but they were not mentioned by anyone on Christmas day. Except when we noticed the sky and I said I hope it storms.. Jade's sister asked "For Taite and Seth" to which I replied "Yes".. End of conversation.. Trying not to let it bother me though because apart from that I didn't have a bad day.. Got very drunk and after we came home from the family thing we stayed up all night, and I tortured the neighbours with my VERY loud singing.. On Boxing day we got J and it was a fun day with him.. I really wish my babies were here and I really missed them but I think I got all my bitterness out xmas eve.. Don't have much more to say.. I hope next year I get a job, start studying and fall pregnant.. Until then, I am drinking!!!

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  1. Abby.
    I hope getting pregnant destroys all your other plans, In a nice way of course!


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